How to Meditate for Self-Love and Confidence

How to Meditate for Self-Love and Confidence

Have you heard of meditation for self-love and confidence? These are ideas that are everywhere on the internet these days and for good reason. If there’s anything we can use more of, it’s self-love.

Without a doubt, we are too hard on ourselves. We question our decisions, we worry about our feelings, and we compare ourselves to others we barely know. We often get so caught up in the hustle culture of modern life that we forget that we need to take care of ourselves. Self-love meditation makes a whole lot of sense.

What is meditation for self-love?

Many people think of meditation for self-love as a guided process that follows a very specific meditation script for self-love. Here, a guide walks the meditator through affirmations of hope, confidence, and self-belief. The underlying idea is that in the end, a meditator can feel invigorated, and ready to face the day.

But I want to share a secret.

You don’t need a guided meditation script. You don’t need a guide, once you learn how to meditate properly. It doesn’t take hours of sitting still. And you don’t need a playlist of meditation music for self-love to be a part of your meditation practice.

Vedic Meditation for Self-love and Confidence

Vedic Meditation is rooted in the philosophy that you already have everything you need to be healthy, calm, and happy, because that is your natural state. For this reason, all Vedic Meditation is meditation for self-love.

You see, stress and worry get in the way of our natural ability to enjoy life and allow ourselves a place in the world without judgment. Vedic Meditation allows the body to rest, release stress, and experience our life as what it truly is–a uniquely fulfilling gift to be cherished.

My teacher Thom Knoles says that “By practicing Vedic Meditation, the blissful inner quietness you experience in meditation also becomes your outer reality: resilient to stress amidst the ever-changing demands of life. You are simply present, happier, and truly yourself.”

Once we are present in our lives, free from negative thoughts, then confidence comes much more naturally, and self-love becomes our default state. We become free to feel comfortable as we move through the world, and to feel love for ourselves and those around us.

Vedic Meditation makes it possible, in 20-minute meditations twice daily, to appreciate the present moment and our place in it. And as I discussed with my friend Megan Sherer on her podcast, that inner fulfillment can feel more like bliss than most other forms of external success.

That sounds like the very definition of meditation for self-love and confidence to me.

If you want to learn more, and learn Vedic Meditation, attend an intro talk today.

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I learned Vedic Meditation to feel more like myself again.

Before long, I began to feel present and relaxed, and all the years of pushing and stressing lifted.


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