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Learn the gentle relaxation sequence that deepens meditation and empowers profound stress release.

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Love the restfulness of your meditations… but you’re ready to go deeper?

Prepare your mind and body for meditation with simple breathing exercises and stretches, used for centuries to provide thorough, full-body relaxation and stress release.

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What is Rounding?

Rounding is part of the ancient Vedic tradition to turn inward and expand a meditation practice with advanced techniques.

In 40-50 minutes, you can prepare your mind and body for a profoundly deep meditation with a simple ‘round’ of relaxing activities:

  • 10 minutes of gentle asanas, or stretches, that anyone could do
  • 5 minutes of pranayama breathing
  • 20 minutes of meditation
  • Concluded by lying down for a few minutes.
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Step into more bliss as stress falls away in each round.

You can learn rounding as a compliment to your twice-daily Vedic Meditation practice anytime. There is no required time you need to wait to begin to deepen your practice with rounding.

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Receive personalized instruction and a home rounding program to expand your practice.

With a small group or in a private, one-on-one workshop, I’ll teach you the basics of rounding and we’ll practice one round together. I will also offer you a home program to practice and adjust the program to fit your daily schedule.

Group Rounding Workshops Include:

  • Two hour workshop with a small group of meditators
  • Learn rounding together and practice one round
  • Receive a personalized home program of rounding based on your needs

Course Fee: $150

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Private Rounding Workshops Include:

  • Two hour private workshop, at your location or my studio
  • Receive a personalized home program of rounding based on your needs
  • One 30-minute check-in, one week after the workshop

Course Fee: $300

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How do I know when it’s time to learn rounding and incorporate it into my daily practice?

If you feel like your schedules and days are non-stop and would like to pause and give your nervous systems a reset and reboot.

If you’ve experienced breathwork, yoga, or other types of mindfulness and meditation practice but don’t know how best to integrate those techniques with your Vedic Meditation practice.

When you are ready to learn another tool to help your mind and body release stress, navigate high-demand situations, and accelerate your personal growth and evolution.

Expand your practice with techniques designed for profound relaxation.

Join me for an evening of personalized instruction to access new levels of clarity, stress release, and inner calm.


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