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Learn Vedic Meditation in Los Angeles on the Westside

Balance out the business of the day and experience calm and stillness inside a Vedic Meditation practice. Learn from a master Vedic Meditation teacher in Los Angeles.

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So many of us think to ourselves, “If only my environment or circumstances were different, I could be happy.”

I know students and friends who move to sunny Los Angeles with this exact idea in mind, only to find that their stress and anxiety are still present despite living in idyllic surroundings.

Happiness is an inside job – and for that, we need a tool for deep rest if we want our inner world to change.

Vedic Meditation doesn’t require hours of sitting still– or eliminating thoughts. Instead, you’ll receive a personalized mantra, an ancient sound that allows you to settle into your thought-filled mind without frustration or concentration. The mantra effortlessly calms your body and turns your attention inward.

One of the best parts about learning Vedic Meditation in LA is that, unlike many other practices, you don’t have to make a special meditation room, use the latest mindfulness gadgets, or attend a retreat to find some silence and bliss.

Vedic Meditation is the sanctuary, and I’ll show you how to access that calm and bliss each and every day.

I’ll teach you to incorporate Vedic Meditation easily into your daily life so you can spend the rest of your day enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer.


  • Eliminate Stress &
    Feel Naturally Happier

  • Sleep Better &
    Lower Anxiety

  • Improve Focus
    & Performance

Meet Your Teacher: From NYC to Mar Vista

After spending nearly 15 years as a New Yorker, I left for a one year sabbatical in 2016 and traveled India to learn everything there was to know about Vedic Meditation.

The following year, I was trained to become a Vedic Meditation teacher under Thom Knoles. Soon after, I met my now husband, who lived in Los Angeles and taught meditation across Southern California.

Once we got together, I started spending my weekends and holidays in Los Angeles. I immediately loved everything about the lifestyle in LA. The wellness culture, great weather, delicious restaurants, and access to nature at a moment’s notice.

As I began to enjoy yoga classes, sound baths, and other wellness-centered social gatherings, I noticed that there was an opportunity for me to offer Vedic Meditation as a complementary practice in our community.



In contrast to the popular ways Angelenos look to recharge, Vedic Meditation offers something completely different – stillness in the mind. It’s the perfect antidote to offset racing thoughts and preoccupations. Inside a Vedic Meditation sitting, the body rests even deeper than during a night’s sleep, allowing a total mind-body reset and deep stress release.

Coming out of the stillness in Vedic Meditation, you’ll feel refreshed, energized, and clear-headed.

Once you receive your mantra and learn to meditate, you can do it anytime, anywhere, with no apps or tools or requirements involved.

I love welcoming meditators into my home studio and garden to learn to meditate and practice together. The Los Angeles community of Vedic Meditators is ever-growing and vibrant, and it’s been a joy to guide my students and clients into a life of less anxiety, better sleep, and expanded happiness.

Schedule an Intro talk to learn more about the practice and start the path toward effortless consciousness expansion. I offer Los Angeles Vedic Meditation courses every month.


What is Vedic Meditation?

It’s a meditation technique that has a 5,000+ year old history.

You learn in-person over a four-day course.

The course is 90 minutes each day, for four days in a row.

After the course, you’ll have a daily practice of meditating for twenty minutes twice each day (morning and evening) to release any stress and overwhelm you’ve accumulated over the day.

It’s effortless, simple, you’ll feel the effects quickly.

Hear Directly From Students in My Meditation Classes in Los Angeles

The Location

Learn to Meditate with a small group of meditators in Mar Vista. Weather and daylight permitting, we will likely learn outside in the garden.


Course Details

Here are some highlights of the course experience:

  • Receive a personalized mantra
  • Understand the mechanics of the mind and thoughts
  • Learn how to integrate meditation into your daily schedule
  • Understand the science of stress in the physiology
  • Learn about the neuroscience of calm and happiness
  • Learn to recognize milestones in your meditation journey


Your Contribution

The Learn to Meditate course fee is $1,200, and includes:

  • 4 days of in-person instruction with me
  • Complimentary attendance to course refresher sessions
  • Weekly group meditations with me (virtual and in-person)
  • Regular check-in calls with me, and a lifetime of follow-up and support
  • Weekly educational and personal development teachings
  • Access to a network of Vedic Meditation teachers worldwide

Upcoming Events

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Introductory Talk on Vedic Meditation

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Introductory Talk on Vedic Meditation

Introductory Talk on Vedic Meditation

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Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting

Introductory Talk on Vedic Meditation

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