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See how Vedic Meditation creates real-time stress relief, happiness, and results in my student’s lives.

“I never knew I could experience so much relief”

“Learning Vedic Meditation from Susan Chen has been life changing.

My simple daily meditation practice is impacting my relationships and my work, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving my adaptability to address demands.

I never knew that I could experience so much relief and self-realization from such a simple practice.”

“Since my first experience of learning from Susan over three years ago, I continue to grow and learn through her kindness and generosity. To her students, she consistently offers a heartfelt flow of knowledge, support, and opportunities to expand our learning.

Susan has taught my wife and seven-year-old daughter meditation, and she has travelled to my location several times to teach meditation to dozens of people in my community.

Her heartfelt teachings have made a profound impact on all aspects of my life.”

Laurence M.
“I never knew I could experience so much relief”
“Life feels way easier”

“Life feels way easier”

“I felt like my stress and anxiety were holding me back – I tried Mindfulness and it actually made me more stressed.

[After the Learn to Meditate Course] I felt like my brain had been remapped in a way that felt really diferent but also really natural … and really good!!

Things that used to bother me just roll of my back. If I get stressed it only lasts for a little while. I’m way nicer.

My relationships are better. Life just feels way easier.”

Lacey G.

“Meditation is working miracles”

“One week I had several stressful things happen at once – I was SHOCKED how easily and effortlessly I responded from a calm and grounded place. Twice a day meditation is working miracles in my life!

As a result of this I also sleep sooooo much better – I actually feel rested in the mornings when I wake up!”

Samantha C.
“Meditation is working miracles”
“I have the solutions within me”

“I have the solutions within me”

“It felt frustrating to not know how to fix my anxiety and sleep problems without totally uprooting my life/routine.

Vedic Meditation seamlessly become a part of my routine, and I love that I can do it anywhere and anytime.

I now know I have the solutions within me!

Callie M.

Are you ready to ease through life again?

Vedic Meditation can help you can stop feeling trapped in anxiety and overwhelm… and reset your baseline to bliss.