Vedic Meditation & Spiritual Growth

Unlocking Inner Wisdom: How Vedic Meditation Enhances Intuition and Self-Discovery

In our hustle-driven economy, I appeared to have it all by the age of 35: the promotion, accolades, a dog, a partner, and an apartment of my friends. Each morning, I would wake up and head to a big Wall Street job.nEvenings were filled with  delicious meals and  loved ones. To outsiders, everything seemed perfect. I had achieved success as a young woman in corporate America.

Yet, in the quiet moments of 2 or 3 a.m., when my insomnia and anxiety would peak, a different reality emerged. Despite possessing all these outward symbols of success, I would wake up sensing a void, an unmet need. Much of my life had been shaped by the aspirations and expectations of others – well-intentioned ideas from my loving family, the tunnel vision of an Ivy League education, and societal benchmarks.

I devoted little time to considering the quiet desires of my true self, that sweet Susan inside. This pattern of ignoring my inner yearnings became a habit, my new normal.

While I seemingly had it all, I felt adrift. My connection to inner guidance was tenuous, and I recognized the need for spiritual growth to appreciate my abundant and accomplished life fully. After all, what is success if we can’t savor its fruits?

Meditate with Susan

What is Spiritual Growth and its Importance?

Spiritual growth is often misconstrued as religion, but the term “spirit” originates from the Latin “espiritu,” signifying essence. Pursuing spirituality is, in essence, a journey towards understanding our core essence.

It was this essence that I sought to rediscover within myself. I realized that unlocking this essence would provide me with an internal compass and a higher purpose with a  sense of divine connection.

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t spend my days and nights researching various meditation methods before stumbling upon Vedic Meditation. Far from it.

From the age of 21, I embraced a “bring it on” attitude towards wellness. I was open to trying anything that came my way. More often than not, these experiences – shamanic journeys, handstand workshops (because inversions lead to enlightenment, right?), and the like – left me indifferent.

Occasionally, I would find a practice worth continuing for a few weeks, only to let it fade away. The absence of substantial long-term benefits led me to disregard them.

One day, my friend Claire came over for dinner, radiating an inexplicable glow. I went through a mental checklist, attempting to pinpoint the source of her newfound brightness.

Was it a new job, a new man, a new apartment? None of these seemed to be the cause. Curiosity piqued, I finally asked her directly, “What’s different about you today? You seem calm, cheerful, and radiant.”

Her response was simple yet impactful. “I think it’s this new meditation practice I’ve been doing. I’ve been meditating for two months, and I truly believe it’s working.”

Without hesitation, I signed up for a Vedic Meditation course. No research, no weighing pros and cons – I took the leap and embraced the opportunity.

A month later, I was meditating regularly and experiencing a profound sense of well-being. Not only did Vedic Meditation become the first practice I adhered to beyond a few days, but I found myself looking forward to it. It was a soul evolution and became as ingrained as my morning coffee ritual.

Little did I know back then, Vedic Meditation kickstarted  my spiritual growth journey. I started to experience a genuine connection with my inner self, which brought about a subtle yet significant transformation. It wasn’t a dramatic cascade of angels and rainbows. It was more like I began sleeping better, feeling inner harmony, and just being happier overall.

I now teach Vedic Meditation, devoting my life to sharing this practice with the world. Through my journey, I’ve uncovered why Vedic Meditation is remarkably effective at growing spiritually  and enhancing inner guidance.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation

Release from Stress

By the time we reach 20, we’ve already gathered around  100,000 stress memories in our mind, body, and consciousness. Traumatic experiences and overwhelming moments leave their mark , shaping our reactions and behaviors. All these memories pile up and drain  us mentally and physically, making it challenging to engage with deep topics like self-discovery or spiritual growth.

Stress triggers primal survival instincts, overshadowing higher-level aspirations. Vedic Meditation practiced twice daily, facilitates stress release, liberating us from this accumulated burden. By shedding stress, we free our consciousness to explore the subtleties of life and growth.

Sharper Thinking

Think of consciousness as the base  from which thoughts come. When our consciousness state is stressed, it colors our thoughts with the shades  of stressful memories.

Out of the countless  thoughts we have each day, many are clouded by this stress filter. It creates  mental chaos and negative emotions, making it harder to stay clear and focused.

Stressed individuals grapple with brain fog, lack of focus, and decision fatigue – all results of stress accumulation.

Vedic Meditation, melts away stress, rejuvenating the mind and consciousness. Our thoughts become unburdened, allowing creative and growth-oriented ideas to flourish. Intuition, once drowned out by stress, finds space to be heard. This heightened clarity fosters a deeper connection to divinity and purpose.

Elevated Baseline Happiness

Vedic Meditation triggers a realization: happiness is an intrinsic state. For years, I believed external factors determined my happiness – a notion that Vedic Meditation disproved. Inner happiness and fulfillment are our inherent traits, obscured by stress accumulation. Seeking happiness externally perpetuates mistaken beliefs.

Through Vedic Meditation, stress melts away, revealing an inner wellspring of bliss. Initially experienced during meditation, this bliss eventually permeates everyday life. This process emancipates us from the notion that happiness must be acquired externally. This self-discovery reorients us towards intuition and authenticity, essential for accelerated spiritual growth.

Explore Vedic Meditation & Enhance Your Inner Guidance

Vedic Meditation employs personalized mantras, acting as a key to unlocking spiritual awareness and essence.  Join me for an introductory talk to embark on this journey. .


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About Susan


I learned Vedic Meditation to feel more like myself again.

Before long, I began to feel present and relaxed, and all the years of pushing and stressing lifted.

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Learn to Meditate in 4 Short Sessions

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