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7 Reminders To Stay
Inspired To Meditate

7 Reminders To Stay Inspired To Meditate

Now and again, typically amid a hectic, stress-flavored day, it can feel so convincing to talk ourselves out of our twice-daily meditations. We spin the story that we need an extra 20-minutes of sleep, that we deserve a break, or that checking off more things on our to-do list should take priority over our meditation practice.

During these moments when fatigue and stress are trying to get the better of us, we can come back to this list of motivators to keep our eye on the ultimate prize: feeling deeply relaxed, more rested, and blissful after sitting down and closing our eyes for a 20-minute meditation.


  1. The meditating version of you will always outperform the non-meditating version of you.
  2. “I don’t have time to meditate” is a message that comes from the stressy version of you. The person you want to be makes time for meditation, always.
  3. Meditations allow us to step away from our daily demands and not have to answer to anyone for 20 minutes. That is reason enough to sit and close your eyes.
  4. If you have 10 or 15 minutes, go ahead and meditate. We don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  5. Shallow meditations pave the way for deeper meditations; there’s no shortcut to ooey gooey meditation experiences. Once we release the next layer of accumulated stress (and have some thoughts as a by-product of that stress release), we set the stage for deeper experiences inside meditation. It’s all coming. Be easy with it all and trust the process.
  6. Meditation greases the wheels for smoother, elevated social interaction. You’re nicer when you meditate. People don’t feel as harsh when we have gotten in our meditations for the day.
  7. Just do it. It takes far less energy and effort to find a seat and close your eyes than to think about meditating (but not actually do it).

You can do this – your future self thanks you!


About Susan


I learned Vedic Meditation to feel more like myself again.

Before long, I began to feel present and relaxed, and all the years of pushing and stressing lifted.


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