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Meditation for Success in Life: Does it Work?

Meditation for Success in Life: Does it Work?

I have great news for you! Not only does meditation for success and abundance work, but it is also much easier than you may think. Let me slow down a moment.

There’s no need for meditation music for success. You don’t need to seek out some special guided meditation, for success or for abundance, or for happiness. All you need is a daily meditation practice that can help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm.

What is success?

This is a question that I think about a lot. When I was a Wall Street research analyst, my definition of “success” often made me feel overworked, overstimulated, and overwhelmed. I worked with a series of end goals, things I felt I had to achieve to feel “successful.” Sound familiar?

But when I started Vedic Meditation, I realized that, before long, I felt present, relaxed, and like I could let go of all of that stress. And I continued to work on Wall Street for a while, but I enjoyed it far more than I had before.

My Vedic Meditation teacher, Thom Knoles (you can hear his whole talk here), says:

“Success means succession. Don’t get stuck on an idea that there’s some stopping point. There are no events, there are only processes. And those processes are the outcome.

Success means if you’re not enjoying every single moment of the process of bringing the best of what you are to the need of the time, then you’re already unsuccessful.”

The Veda teaches that you already have everything you need to be healthy, calm, and happy because that is your natural state. In other words, success comes from aligning our minds and bodies to the rhythms of nature.

On my website, I talk about why people meditate. There, I explore ideas that are very closely related to “success meditation.” Namely, many people look to meditation for personal development.

We know, for example, that it’s scientifically proven that meditation can increase employee performance and improve creativity. Successful business leaders can gain all sorts of benefits from meditation, like awareness, empathy, and a sense of connectivity to their true selves.

And, as I describe on my website, “Vedic Meditators often share that they feel their consciousness expanding over time as they are consistent with their practice. This means that they feel more aware of the subtleties in their own experience and inner world, while at the same time they feel more in tune with their surroundings and the evolution of their lives.”

Doesn’t this fit both the traditional markings of “success” and those shared by Thom Knoles?

The best meditation for success

The very best meditation practice for success is one that helps you to see success as a process of becoming and to enjoy your place in that process. It’s a meditation practice that helps you shed the stress and anxieties of daily life and be more comfortable in the present moment. This is what I found when learning Vedic Meditation, and this is why I now delight in helping others learn to meditate.

I’d like to share this success meditation with you. Attend an intro talk to learn more.

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I learned Vedic Meditation to feel more like myself again.

Before long, I began to feel present and relaxed, and all the years of pushing and stressing lifted.


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