Meditation for Centering and Grounding

How Meditation Helps with Centering and Grounding

Did you know that you can use meditation for centering and grounding? It might surprise you to learn that it’s much easier than you might think.

But before we look at centering meditation, let’s quickly review what centering and grounding are in the first place, and why we might want to use the technique in our lives.

What are centering and grounding?

Grounding and centering come to us from the world of psychology. They are similar to one another in the end goal of calming us in a time of stress and anxiety, but a bit different in practice.

Centering, according to Psychology Today, is “a way to find peace within the chaos that might be surrounding us. It’s about being “in check” with what’s going on.” The methodology, in therapeutic settings, often involves slow and deliberate breathing, and a practice of mindfulness, with the intention of feeling more aware of the present moment in your body.

Grounding is also a therapeutic practice that, as the University of New Hampshire puts it, “helps keep you in the present and helps reorient you to the here-and-now and to reality. It can also serve as a distraction from the difficulties you are dealing with.” As you can see, this is similar, but unlike centering, grounding can be used as a distraction from negative thoughts and difficulties.

Meditation for centering and grounding

Practitioners of Vedic Meditation may think that these descriptions sound a lot like Vedic Meditation. And, in many ways, they’d be right. A twenty-minute meditation, twice daily, can help meditators feel much more centered and grounded.

There are some that think they need a guided meditation for centering or a specific script for a grounding meditation. Others believe that you benefit most from specialized centering thoughts for meditation. But the reality is that with a Vedic Meditation practice, you need none of these.

Vedic Meditators learn to remove stress with meditation and return to experiencing their normal lives as a fulfilling gift. They learn to use a mantra, not a special script, to quiet their minds. They learn to reduce stress without a guide or a need to control their thoughts.

As a result, every Vedic Meditation is a centering meditation, in that it will make you feel more present in your mind, body, and space. Every Vedic Meditation is a grounding meditation, as you will feel more peaceful and harmonious when you are done.

You can absolutely use Vedic Meditation for centering and grounding.

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