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Join us for beginner and advanced Vedic Meditation courses and events including Group Meditations, Rounding Workshops, and more in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin.

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Infinite Love: Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Ojai, CA 10652 Ojai Santa Paula Rd, Ojai

Join us for a 3-night, 4-day Meditation and Yoga Retreat, complete with Vedic Meditation Instruction, twice-daily yoga for all experience levels, and evening talks on experiencing infinite love as our baseline experience of life..REGISTER


“One week I had several stressful things happen at once – I was SHOCKED how easily and effortlessly I responded from a calm and grounded place. Twice a day meditation is working miracles in my life! As a result of this I also sleep so much better – I actually feel rested in the mornings when I awaken!”

Samantha C.