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Join us for beginner and advanced Vedic Meditation courses and events including Group Meditations, Rounding Workshops, and more in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Austin Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting

Travis Heights Private Residence 2140 Sage Creek Loop, Austin

Calling all Austin Meditators!
Gather with other Vedic Meditators to ask questions and share experiences relevant to your journey. We'll start with a group dive and end by exploring any topics of interest. You'll leave feeling refreshed and reinspired to apply everything you've learned in your Vedic Meditation practice to everyday life. LEARN MORE

“I never imagined I could live without anxiety and worry before Vedic meditation. I felt the shift right away. I started sleeping through the night right after I learned the technique, and time slowed down significantly. I once lived with inner turmoil and unrest… Susan is truly a bright light in a dark room.”

Martha M.