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CAMP VEDA Rounding Retreat


I want to tell you about a dream that is coming true for me…

One of my favorite parts of teaching Vedic Meditation is to gather and retreat together. There are always unplanned moments of connection, breakthroughs, and an overflow of joy and bliss that emerge when we get together to relax and expand…

And I’ve dreamed of hosting a Rounding Retreat at Pete’s family lake house in Wisconsin ever since I first visited.

This summer, we’re finally hosting the retreat like I’d imagined!

Vedic Meditation Rounding Retreat

CAMP VEDA Rounding Retreat
​July 19-24, 2022
Lakewood, Wisconsin
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Here’s why it’s been a dream of mine:

  • The Lakehouse is a full immersion experience in nature, with only the sounds of birds, loons, and the breeze sweeping through the trees. It’s easy to deeply rest in our 400+ acre off-grid environment.
  • Alongside Rounding and knowledge talks, we’ll also take in the delights of summer by swimming in our private lake, easy kayaking, campfires, and nature hikes.
  • There’s no place to expand and align with our inner nature than in Mother Nature!

I’ll send more information in followings posts, but be sure to mark your calendar and register now.

This Rounding Retreat will be restful, blissful, and fun, like summer camp!


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