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Meditation Room Ideas On a Budget

Top 3 Meditation Room Ideas on a Budget

Have you wanted to create a meditation space for your daily Vedic Meditation, but don’t know where to start?

Designing a relaxing space can help you stick to your daily meditation practice and also double as a quiet space when you need a moment of peace. Luckily, creating a meditation room is easier than you think.

Here are some of my favorite meditation room ideas on a budget inspired by my own home redesign.

Home meditation room ideas you can use

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a sacred space for your meditation practice. Here are just a handful of ideas for a meditation room that I included in my home redesign that may resonate with you.

Incorporate decor that inspires

Meditation room decor is often the focal point of your space. When I found a piece of art by artist during my meditation travels in India, I immediately connected with the piece. It served as the foundation for my meditation room.

The decor for your meditation room should inspire you as well. Whether that means incorporating natural elements or artwork is up to you. This flexibility also means you can decorate your meditation room no matter your budget.

Don’t shy away from color

Color is an easy and affordable way to transform a small space into a calming meditation room. It’s true that most meditation rooms are more reserved with their colors – think beiges, grays, and other neutrals – that doesn’t need to be the case.

Utilize a color you gravitate toward and that makes you feel calm. And then pull the darkest color from your room’s palette, and turn it into an accent with your decor.

Use texture to create comfort

Finally, you can’t overlook the importance of texture to make your meditation room inviting and comfortable. Since comfort is key inside Vedic Meditation sittings, I always recommend finding a cozy blanket to have handy in the event you’d like to warm up during the practice.

You can also find meditation room decor that will ensure you don’t compromise on comfort or aesthetics. From unique light fixtures to statues and wall art, find what inspires you and allows you to create a peaceful yet contemporary space.

Do you need a dedicated meditation area?

While creating a space for your daily meditation can be beneficial for your routine, it’s not necessary.

Remember that you can practice Vedic Meditation anywhere, anytime. All that’s required is a seat (chair, couch, subway seat, wall) where your back is supported.

For years before I became a meditation teacher, I meditated all over my home, in meeting rooms in my office, and while I was on the go in New York City (think hotel lobbies, Starbucks, churches, etc).

Vedic Meditation is truly portable: anywhere you can think a thought, you can meditate.

As my teacher Thom Knoles brilliantly states:

“You don’t need a sanctuary to meditate. Vedic Meditation is the sanctuary.”

Many of my students are thrilled to learn that instead of needing to sit on a yoga or meditation cushion, we encourage meditators to sit in a comfortable position. You may even meditate in bed if that’s where you’re most comfortable.

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a room dedicated to meditation, since you can still use many of these ideas for a meditation room to make your space feel more comfortable and calming.

I’d love to talk more about meditation room ideas that can inspire you as you learn to meditate. Attend an Introductory Talk to learn more.

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