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Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Exploring the Transformative Role of Vedic Meditation in Relieving Anxiety

Do you ever feel like life’s chaos throws  you into a never-ending  race against time, where victory seems impossible??

I felt daily anxiety for the better part of 15 years, and many of my students and clients seek out meditation for anxiety relief.

Time anxiety is one of the most common forms of anxiety, and it can show up differently for each of us. This anxiety can manifest in different ways throughout our lives. That’s where the benefits of meditation step in to help manage negative thoughts and more.

Understanding and Overcoming Time Anxiety

In my first year on Wall Street, as a go-getting 22-year-old, Mr. Anxiety paid me a visit every afternoon – like clockwork – just as I was preparing to send out my daily research report.

An hour before the deadline, my palms got clammy, my heart raced, and I sweated through my fancy suit as I reviewed my work. Based on my vitals, you would have thought that I was preparing for combat war, not sending an end-of-day recap to clients.

By my late 20s, I was cruising through promotions, pay, and praise.

However, Mr. Anxiety was still with me, and he had a new, unfortunate target: my unsuspecting boyfriend.

I was convinced that, at age 29, I was basically an expired old lady. I couldn’t get marriage out of my mind, with my anxiety resembling a heat-seeking missile dead set on marching down the wedding aisle toward a “happily ever after.”

Fast forward a few years, everything that I was worried about running out of time to accomplish, I had checked off the “I’ll be happy when…” bucket list.

I was the Head of Research in my division (check!).
I purchased a gorgeous apartment in NYC (check!).
And I was content in a stable romantic relationship (check, check, check!).

Rationally, there was nothing to be anxious about… but Mr. Anxiety was still following me everywhere. He crept into every minute of my life. There was no anxiety relief.

At night, I freaked out about my insomnia. “I’m running out of time to fall asleep!”

Side note: Freaking out about not sleeping does NOT help you fall asleep.

In the mornings, I dragged myself out of bed and rushed to the gym, hurried to work, raced to therapy, and arrived late for dinner with friends.

Many days, when I felt the rush of a migraine, I panicked as I attempted to finish my work before leaving to rest in a pitch-black room for the rest of the day.

The Power of Rest to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

I didn’t know this then, but time anxiety has nothing to do with a person, place, thing, or goals we have in life…

Time anxiety (and really anxiety of any flavor) has to do with the stresses that fuel an under-rested body with sensations of worry.

Science tells us that our bodies store these incessant loops as stress. And when enough of the same stresses are stored, we develop automatic habituation that can get so deeply ingrained that we often can’t see the difference between us and the stress.

We normalize the behavior and begin to think that our anxiety is simply the nature of who we are.

Here’s the good news: When we allow the body to rest deeply, these stress-born habituations start to soften.

As we rest, the anxiety we feel, time-related or otherwise, begins to loosen their MMA fighter-like grip on our everyday life. We finally feel the anxiety relief we’ve been looking for.

What is the Best Meditation for Anxiety?

In my decade-plus duel with Mr. Anxiety, I tried a lot of different healing techniques. Somatic work, therapy, medication, soundbaths, silent retreats, shamanic journeys. You name it, I tried it.

Vedic Meditation was, far and away, the most effective tool to rest my body to allow Mr. Anxiety to naturally depart my mind’s residence.

Here’s what a recent student had to say about her relationship with time after starting her Vedic Meditation practice:

“This morning, after my meditation, I didn’t feel rushed as I usually do getting out of the house to work. Usually, I feel anxious about being late, getting everything ready… today, it felt like time slowed down.”

– Robyn, Day 2 of her Vedic Meditation Course

By incorporating meditation into her daily routine, Robyn was able to transform her mornings from periods of anxiety and worry to moments of natural calm and peace. She achieved this subtle but powerful transformation within just the second day of practicing meditation.

Another one of my students, Lacey, had this to say about how Vedic Meditation helped with anxiety relief, in comparison to other techniques:

“I felt like my stress and anxiety were holding me back – I tried Mindfulness and it actually made me more stressed.

“[After the Learn to Meditate Course] I felt like my brain had been remapped in a way that felt really different but also really natural… and really good!!

“Things that used to bother me just roll off my back. If I get stressed it only lasts for a little while. I’m way nicer.

“My relationships are better. Life just feels way easier.”

– Lacey G, 6 months meditating

Lacey’s comment about the effectiveness of Vedic Meditation compared to other techniques is common. Practicing mindfulness through  Vedic Meditation, not only enables the  release of deeply rooted stresses but also alleviates signs of anxiety   and nervousness easily and naturally.

This type of meditation  works on a practical level to purify those stresses on a daily basis, so more stress is released on any given day than can be taken in by the daily demands of life. And because of the systematic nature of the practice, which is done morning and evening, meditators don’t have to wonder how long to meditate for anxiety to be released, or when is the best time to meditate for anxiety.

Anxiety relief with Vedic Meditation happens predictably, so there is no need to be methodical about how to meditate in bed for anxiety, how to manage time anxiety, or how to meditate for social anxiety. All of these benefits are covered in the natural and effective practice of regular, twice-daily meditation.

Take the Next Step for Anxiety Relief

As we enter this busy season of back-to-school preparations, year-end planning, and the ever-approaching holiday season, I invite you to join me in incorporating Vedic Meditation into your life.

My fall Vedic Meditation classes will support you in setting up a daily meditation technique to eliminate Mr. Anxiety and other pressures of life.

Click here to join one of my upcoming Introductory Talks. Bring your questions, and I’ll be happy to meet you and share more.

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I learned Vedic Meditation to feel more like myself again.

Before long, I began to feel present and relaxed, and all the years of pushing and stressing lifted.


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