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Join us for beginner and advanced Vedic Meditation courses and events in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin.

New Year’s Global Group Mediation with Thom Knoles (Online)

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Join me and thousands of Vedic Meditators as we kick off the New Year as a global meditating family.  We will start with a group meditation, and then my teacher, Thom Knoles, will take questions from around the world. RSVP is required for attendance. RSVP

“I felt like I was spinning in circles, getting nowhere. Trying to control everything, looking for more things I should be doing. Vedic Meditation is easy… it felt like coming home. I realized it was working when I started feeling my heart open up and feelings of gratitude and empathy come up in and out of the practice. It feels like my restoration time.”

Ellie R.